Welcome to Union County Middle School

Union County Schools will be closed on

August 21 due to the Solar Eclipse. 

Solar Eclipse glasses will be provided to Union County School students. Please become familiar with how to safely view the Solar Eclipse before it takes place on August 21.

             UCMS Mission Statement

Union County Middle School provides students the maximum opportunity to be successful.

We believe:

  • each student is a valued individual with a unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs.
  • learning is a life-long responsibility involving students, parents, schools, and community who share and support the school's mission.
  • students learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process.
  • all students can learn, achieve, and succeed.
  • the value and dignity of each student and staff member will be respected.
  • our school provides a safe and positive climate for students and staff.
  • teachers should use student-centered instruction, encourage dreams, and are positive role models.
  • our school promotes the values of a strong work ethic and civil responsibility.
  • our school serves as a bridge between the elementary program an the more specialized curriculum of high school.

UCMS Mission Statement

Parents please take this opportunity to participate in a survey for the Review of Dance and Music Georgia Performance Standards.  The survey will be available until September 12, 2017.

Recent News

School Governance Team

Click below to view the School Governance Team Election Notice
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Meetings will be at 11:30 in UCMS Media Center.

Aundrea Owenby - Community Member
Kris-Ann Poe - Community Member
Kelley Brewer - System Employee 
Pam Allison - Parent
Leslie Shields - Parent
Denise Driskell - Teacher
Sean Spade -Teacher
Mason McCombs - Student
Gwen Stafford - Principal

Meeting Minutes

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March 2017
May Minutes - Pending Approval


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Union County Middle School
367 Welborn Street, Blairsville, Ga 30512
Phone: 706-745-2483
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